Where to begin?

For the past couple of months, I would put off sitting down and actually starting this blog. I’ve wanted to properly begin for quite a while now – heck you can ask my partner, friends, and family members just how often and long I’ve spoken about it (quite a lot by the way) but when it came down to it, I would say “Oh I’ll start tomorrow.”

The reasons for this is because I was so nervous! I would think along the lines of “No one will read it, it won’t be good enough”… etc. Which is clearly not a helpful way of thinking and wouldn’t lead me anywhere.

However, the other day I read a quote which really stood out to me and finally gave me the push I needed to finally start writing. “You’ll never be 100% ready. Do it anyway.” This made me realise how silly I was being and here I am!

I’ve started this blog because I wanted a place where I could share my interests and passions in a creative way. I have always loved Photography and combining that with my own voice and thoughts is very appealing to me. Another reason is that I have a story to share! Being an Australian girl living in Vienna, Austria and how that all came to happen. Another big reason is that to this day I get messages from friends and relatives back home asking what I get up to on this side of the world. So, In a way, this blog can keep friends and family in the loop with my happenings as well as anyone and everyone else who is interested. (You’re all more than welcome by the way!)

Just to name a few, this blog will be about my life in Vienna and what I get up to here, travels, home in Australia, beauty & lifestyle and fashion. All of which are great passions and interests of mine.

Very excited to finally start this journey and hope you’ll stick around!

– CC.

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