Postcards from abroad // Austria road trip (Part 2)

Welcome to part two of my Austria road trip. (Check out part one if you haven’t already!) Continuing on from where I left off…

We left Hallstatt early because the drive to Bregenz is a long one and we were to expect some traffic jams. We decided to go all the way to the westernmost part of Austria because both Max and I had never been there and even though the trip was still very spontaneous, it had now turned into a challenge to go through every state in Austria and visit every capital in each state. Challenge accepted! The drive was long but we stopped along the way for food, fuel and to stretch our legs. We sang and listened to music the whole way and loved watching different towns and cities fly by. We also had to drive through Germany to get to Bregenz which was pretty funny.
We arrived in the late afternoon and instantly loved the city.


Bregenz is the capital of Vorarlberg and is a small city situated on an incredibly large lake called “Bodensee” which is right at the very edge of Austria and borders both Germany and Switzerland. When you look across the lake, you are looking at another country. Pretty cool. We booked three nights (but ended up staying four) at a cool camping ground right on the lake and only a 10-minute bike ride to the inner city.


Even though Bregenz is a small city, we were pleasantly surprised with what we found. The city is very relaxed and has the funniest dialect I have ever heard. Every day we would ride our bikes into the city along the water and take in the beautiful scenery.


Bregenz is also home to the narrowest house in Europe! with a massive (haha) width of 57 cm. We kind of found the house by chance and googled about it and yeah! pretty lucky how we found it and it was super cute. (Yes I knocked, but no one answered sadly!) On one of the days, we decided to take a day trip to Konstanz in Germany, because it was only an hour drive away.


The weather was a hot 35 degrees and we spent the day mostly in and out of different cafes, eating ice cream and getting lost in the streets. I’m really glad we got to visit because a lovely friend of mine was living in Konstanz for a year and I now got to see the beautiful city for myself. (Shoutout to you Lana!) We loved it & can see why she did too. Back to Bregenz!


Once we got back we headed to our camping grounds, set everything back up and then rode our bikes into the city. Along the way, we went to the “Beach bar Bregenz”, which is along the waterfront and close to the city center. We had a nice cocktail and enjoyed the great music and atmosphere.
While we were in Bregenz, we got to ride our bikes everywhere which not only saved on public transport but was actually really fun.


On our way into the city, we would stop and have a look at the world-famous theatre on water! The production of Carmen was coming soon at the time (We missed the start of the festival only by a couple of weeks, unfortunately!) We got to see actors and Opera singers during a rehearsal, it was truly incredible to watch and a real shame that we weren’t able to see the final production.


The view from above! We took a gondola to the top of the mountain and could see all the way across to Germany (on the right side of the photograph) Just beautiful.


Even though Bregenz is a small city, I highly recommend taking the trip. It is the westernmost part of Austria and only a short drive to two other countries. We had such a great time and already cannot wait to go back. Next stop: Innsbruck!


We were very sad to leave Bregenz actually, but excited to continue our adventure! The drive to Innsbruck was stunning. Austria is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen. By this stage, we had also become pros at packing up the van quickly and getting on the road.
The first camping ground we tried was full, but luckily we found another which had the loveliest staff and was situated on a hillside with beautiful views of the mountains. Innsbruck is surrounded by mountains and is the capital of Tirol. We only booked two nights in Innsbruck because the weather was going to be cold and rainy the whole time. The camping ground was not very central either but we didn’t mind. The bus stop was only a couple minutes walk away and it went directly into the city anyway.

IMG_1333 2

I always knew that Innsbruck was beautiful – although I had never seen it for myself, oh boy, did I have no idea. Innsbruck is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been too! I was completely blown away by it. It was freezing compared to the rest of Austria at the time (it was meant to be summer but felt like winter there haha) but was just beautiful.
We only explored the city a little because it was raining so much! But when the sun did shine, we took advantage of it as best we could. We visited a cute little coffee shop called “Coffeekult” right in the center of the city and it was fantastic. We actually sat, drank multiple coffees and chatted with the owner for a while there. Very affordable & great quality, highly recommend!


At our camping ground, there was an onsite restaurant which was really great because on this particular evening we really could not be bothered cooking. It was super cosy and great to be able to enjoy a nice pizza in the van.


We didn’t really do much in Innsbruck, partly due to the ever-changing weather and also because it was nice to relax a bit and just wander around the city at our own pace, get lost in the streets and go in and out of shops. The buildings reminded me of something out of a Harry Potter movie.


Innsbruck was absolutely gorgeous and I’m 100% sure I’ll visit again and hopefully get to see more next time. So far? 11 nights and counting. Next stop: Klagenfurt! But first, over a very dangerous and very cool famous road…

Stay tuned for part three and the final part of this adventure!

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