Postcards from abroad // Austria road trip (part 3)

Welcome back! This is part three & the final installment of my Austria road trip (sad face). As I’m writing this, I have had the chance to reflect on the trip, the adventures and fun I was so fortunate to have. We definitely learned a lot while being away, one of those things was that I actually can get ready super quick in the morning (Instead of needing at least an hour haha) We really did have a great time on the road and loved every minute. Of course, If you haven’t read the last two posts; feel free to do so.


Continuing from where I left off! We left Innsbruck and decided to go to Klagenfurt in Kärnten, which is a long drive, but first, we decided to make a detour.
We decided to make the trip up the Großglockner – The highest mountain in Austria and one of the world’s craziest roads.


The Großglockner is the highest mountain in Austria, with a massive 3,798 m. (That’s a lot compared to the mountains we have down under) and the way to get there is kind of a tricky one. The way up is so steep, people have to drive very very slow and it’s pretty scary! (I practically held on for dear life) a lot of the way up has hardly any safety barriers and the road is only open part of the year. The view from the top, of course, is worth it all.


The view from the top was incredible! Truly breathtaking, with views of the valley below and mountains covered in snow. (It was freezing! despite it being summer). We had lunch at the top of the mountain- pretty much zero vegetarian options but hey, there is almost always a side order of chips. We sat and enjoyed the view for a little while before heading down the other side of the mountain and continuing on to our next and final stop.


We arrived in the late afternoon and it was hot! Klagenfurt really turned up the heat for us (we weren’t complaining though). The camping ground was right on the lake which was great because the next couple of days would be sunny and the location was spot on for the last stop on our trip.


We stayed three nights in Klagenfurt, although I wasn’t ready for the trip to end! We really enjoyed our last couple of days in the sunshine. Every morning we caught the public bus to the town center for breakfast and to have a look around. After, we would head back to the lake to swim, eat ice cream and to do a whole lot of nothing for the rest of the day – It was perfect.


On our last day, we visited the Minimundus! It’s a miniature park in Klagenfurt and was only a short 10-minute walk away from our camping ground. It’s basically a place filled with miniature statues of famous landmarks around the world! it was a lot of fun walking around and pretty much seeing the world in a day. The price wasn’t cheap for an adult – 19 euros, but if you have the Kärnten card it works out a lot cheaper.

IMG_1788.jpgIMG_0375.jpgIMG_2504.jpgIt was really sad packing up the van for the last time, but we sure did make some great memories.

To recap;

We traveled all around Austria, obviously not to every single town or city but that’s a good thing because it means there is still much to see and explore in this beautiful country. We visited Wolfgangsee, Hallstatt, Bregenz, Konstanz (in Germany), Innsbruck, The Grossglockner, and Klagenfurt.

We drove through countless towns, past beautiful and varying landscapes, had cold weather and very hot weather. We swam, we laughed and we had the most amazing time. The Van life was actually so good to us, we slept comfortably every night and never wanted it to end. Camping grounds in Austria are clean and have great services available to campers- wifi, clean showers, electricity and usually a small onsite store or even a restaurant. Fuel isn’t cheap but cooking for yourself often (not all the time) helps a lot.

Having a break from reality for awhile, sleeping outside with the rain hitting the roof of the van, having to get up and go outside to the toilet in the middle of the night, waiting in line for a shower every morning – all these things, we truly didn’t mind and actually really enjoyed. In fact, it put a lot of things into perspective and really made me feel very grateful to even get the opportunity to travel and to live in such a beautiful country with my love on the other side of the world. Austria & Max, my amazing partner/best friend have my heart and I’m lucky to be here!

Thanks for reading,
– CC. xx

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