The Body Shop / Haul

Recently The Body Shop in Austria had massive online sales, so you bet I got on real quick. I didn’t go too crazy, although I really could have If I’m being honest. I have always been a fan of the Body Shop, so I was mostly
re-purchasing old favourites of mine.


Re-purchased skincare;
I am a massive fan of their skincare range! it has always worked well for my combination skin type and I seem to keep coming back to it.


The Body Shop “Seaweed” range is targeted at combination/oily skin types, which is exactly what I have. I repurchased the “Deep cleansing gel wash” and the “Oil-Control gel cream” because I love the lightweight formula! I have been using these two products in particular for a couple of years now and keep coming back to them. They have never failed me! Having the skin type I have, it can be a real challenge in trying to find products that don’t feel too heavy and products that don’t break my skin out. These two never have and the entire “Seaweed” range has worked great for my skin type.


The “Nourishing Dry Oil For Body & Hair” is an absolute favourite of mine! My mum got me addicted to this product a little less than a year ago and this will be my second bottle. A little product goes a long way, which is great because it lasts you ages. I like to use the oil as body moisturiser every day. The oil is very quick drying unlike a lot of body oils, smells great and leaves the skin feeling very soft and smooth. During the colder months in Austria, this product is a lifesaver because my skin tends to feel dry. Love love love this product.

New skincare products;
I love a good face mask, it is an essential part of my weekly skincare routine. I will put one on maybe once or twice a week! For quite a while I was intrigued by the face masks at The Body Shop and with the sale I thought, why not. I purchased the “Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask”  which sounds exactly like my cup of tea. On The Body Shop website, the product description says that this particular mask is a “Mud-textured exfoliating mask that deeply cleanses and detoxifies the skin.” and what I love is that it is made without parabens, silicone, mineral oils and paraffins! Very excited to try this.


Recently Max and I moved into a new apartment in Vienna, and our new home has a bath (yay!) I think there is nothing better than a nice, hot bath in the winter months. Austria is starting to get very cold now, so these bath bombs are perfect! I chose Vanilla and Strawberry. I have already used one strawberry bath bomb and it smelled amazing and made the water in the bath turn pink.


The Body Shop company have great values that I love and stand by myself, especially with being cruelty-free and against animal testing. I love the products I purchased, and I’m super happy with the haul!

Thanks for reading,
– CC.

6 thoughts on “The Body Shop / Haul

  1. Are you being paid to do all this advertising for the Body Shop Chelsea??? If not, you certainly should be. P.S. I thought you would be a Neutrimetics kinda girl.!!!!!!!!


  2. Yay The Body Shop! You got a good lot of products I love all of those too! Our bath bombs have been very popular and I’m still yet to try the coconut oil but I’m so excited to! Love that you can leave it on overnight and it soaks in to wash off in the morning bet that would make your hair feel amazing. I love your post x


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