Goodbye 2017

Well, that’s it! Another year has come to an end. Twenty seventeen was very good to me and I now have some lovely memories to look back on. I started this blog in 2017 and I am excited to see where this goes in the new year. (Thanks for sticking around!)
This year flew by so quickly, don’t you think? It definitely felt that way to me anyway.
I was very fortunate to travel quite a lot during the year and I already have a few different places in mind for Twenty eighteen.

In February, Max and I traveled to London for three nights. The weather was chilly but we had the best time! I finally got to go up the London Eye and see the city from above (I recommend it by the way, but go early because the line up was/is insane.)
In June, for Max’s birthday, we went to Bratislava for a nice weekend away in a fancy hotel. The capital of Slovakia is only a short hour drive from Vienna, so it was great. We had been to the city before, but this time it was more relaxed and we just went day-by-day.
July was our Austria road trip and there is a whole blog post series up already (check it out if you haven’t!) We absolutely loved the entire two weeks.

IMG_1341 2.jpg

In August, Max, his father Rudi and I went on a trip to Germany. We traveled to Freiburg in Sachsen for an overnight stay and then onto Berlin for four nights. Berlin was fantastic, I have always wanted to visit and it was just as I hoped it would be. Germany’s capital is hectic and a lot bigger than I thought, but that did not stop us. We toured the entire city, ate lots of good food, drank lots of coffee and I cannot wait to go back. On the way back to Austria, we stopped in Prague for the night. I have been to Prague before but the city never fails to impress. The city is truly gorgeous, overcrowded with tourists, unfortunately, but just beautiful.


September was a very special month for Max and me, as we became engaged!! Five years together, my bestest friend and I couldn’t imagine a more amazing person to spend my life with. I am a very very lucky girl. My mum and aunty came over and completely surprised us, we celebrated together of course and what a perfect month it was. In September we visited both Bratislava and Prague.

22345527_10212712331156256_2079808543_o 2.jpg

October was a whirlwind of a month, one that went by so incredibly fast. We moved! Still in Vienna of course, but we began the move into a new apartment. The three of us; Max, Oscar (our cat) and I. Our new apartment is absolutely everything we could have hoped for. The apartment is bigger, has a small garden, closer to the city center and we love it. We were living in the 14th district in Vienna before the move, which is an outer district and it would take us ages to get to where we needed to be. Do not get me wrong, I am incredibly grateful for our time in our old flat- Max and I made some great memories and it was our very first place together. We will always love our time there. Even with all the craziness going on, Max surprised me with a trip to Copenhagen!


Max organised the entire trip on his own and It was such a great surprise! We spent four nights in a cute hotel, right in the heart of the city. This was our first time visiting Denmark and we loved it. I won’t go into too much detail about our trip here because I will save that for another post.

November was also pretty crazy. We gave the old flat over and fully moved into our new apartment. Which meant; unpacking, building furniture etc. All the while, Vienna was getting colder and we had to start packing for our trip to Australia. (Which by the way, is very difficult when Austria is in the minus temperatures and it is close to 40 degrees at home.)

IMG_2830.jpgIMG_2800 2.jpg

Max and I came home for Christmas! and I cannot even tell you how happy that made me. Nothing quite beats an Aussie Christmas, there just isn’t anything like it. Plus, my family love the holiday season and get right into the spirit, by decorating the house, listening to Christmas tunes, putting lots presents under the tree and just get really excited for the day. I have spent Christmas in Austria a couple of times now, but sadly, it just doesn’t compare!

There you have it. My 2017, came and went, just like that.

The year was not all just travel, travel, travel but also study and lots more study, boring days, getting tonsilitis, lazy days, fun times with new and old friends and lots more. So much happened this year and I’m not sure if twenty eighteen can beat it! But as they say “The best is yet to come” and I’m very excited to see if the new year proves that to be true.

Happy New Year!

-CC.  xx



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