Where have I been?

Hello hello, still here!

As you may have noticed I have been absent for quite a few months. No, I didn’t give up on my blog altogether. But rather, my hectic life got in the way and after a few months of not posting, I simply forgot/did not feel the desire to post. The last couple of months have been kind of crazy. So, where have I been?


Well. I went home to Australia! I went home for Christmas and just under four months in total. Which seems like a long time, but it absolutely flew by. Christmas in Australia is my favourite time of the year. My family goes all out with the celebrations and Christmas in Austria just isn’t the same! So I was very happy to be home for the season and Max was there too, which made it perfect. My parents recently moved towns and bought a Motel. So, while away, I helped out where I could and there wasn’t really much time for anything else.

Plus, I completely missed the freeeeezing Austrian winter – so no complaints from me! Summer in Australia is harsh and hot and I’ll endure it over the Austrian Winter any day.

My family now live along the Murry River, which is Australia’s longest river and one of the most beautiful places. Home to lots of wildlife and beautiful bushlands. Seeing lots of kangaroos and Koalas there every day is completely normal btw. We also visited Melbourne and had a nice couple of days in the city.

Time went fast and soon I was sitting on a plane heading back to Europe. Just before we left Austria, for Australia, we moved into a new apartment – I can’t even tell you how nice it was coming back to our new little home in Vienna. Still fresh and ready for decorating.

Now, we are back into our routine and it’s really nice. Summer is pretty much here (Yay I basically get two summers this year) and Max and I have some exciting travel plans coming up very soon. – Stay tuned for that!

Being away for so long, I have had the chance to reflect on the type of content I want to share on my blog/Instagram and I am feeling super excited to get back into writing more blog posts and sharing what I get up to as an Aussie living in Austria.

Happy to be back!

-CC. xx

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