Lush haul & Review


Hey guys!

Lush has always always been a huge love of mine. The lovely smell when you walk past pretty much forces you to go inside and look around. Which is basically what happened to me in Vienna one afternoon, resulting in this little haul for you all.
Lush has never claimed to be perfect, but they are transparent with their ingredients and are continuously working towards a more sustainable, eco-friendly future! which I am really passionate about and want to support more brands with that same goal. Whether that be beauty or fashion, I want to make little swaps within my own life to see how easy or hard it can be.

So, here is my little Lush haul & review.

Body Lotion
My all-time favorite Lush product is “Sleepy.” (Well, that and their bath bombs!) The name of the product does not do it justice. This creamy body lotion has a beautiful relaxing, lavender scent which is just gorgeous. (I love lavender) It was very easy to replace my old lotion with this beauty, because of the consistency which is not overly oily by the way! And that smell is just heavenly ahh.


Shampoo bar
I really wanted to give one of their naked shampoo bars a try – it’s completely plastic free and lasts months. You just lather it in your hands with some water and you have your shampoo! I tried the pink “Jason and the argan oil” one and after trying it for a few washes, and even though I love the concept- It just did not work for my hair whatsoever. However, it was a complete hit for my partner Max. He loves it and said it works really well for him. There are other options, so it’s for sure worth a try!


Skin Tint – ‘Feeling younger’ highlighter
Skin Tint – ‘Charisma’ Liquid Bronzer/pigment
I really liked the idea of these! Both are in little glass pots and the pigment for both is stunning. Both work amazing for my skin! The bronzer/pigment blends out great and gives you the perfect amount of color that makes you look like you have been in the sun for a while. The highlighter is very natural and gives off a ‘glow from within’ vibe that I actually really prefer. Both are beautiful and after a few months – I can say they are not even close to empty! They will last ages.


Tooth Paste/ tabs
My partner and I gave the “Dirty” toothy tabs a try (little toothpaste tabs you add with water to make a thick consistency for brushing your teeth) and after just one try, we had to return them. These did not work for either one of us, unfortunately.

Shaving Cream
I also gave the razer cream/paste a go for my legs- having sensitive skin, this was something I really wanted to try. The product smells really nice and sweet and works really well – but I found that you have to use a lot of product every time, which I don’t really think is good value for money. As a student, for me personally, it was a miss- just because of the amount of product I had to use in order to get the thick, creamy consistency/lather which I like.


Last but not least, Shower Gel
‘Happy Hippy’ is a shower gel/wash that smells super fresh and works really well. Lathers up nicely in the shower and a little goes a long way to get you nice and clean. They have many other shower wash scents, so there is something for everyone.

~Pro tip 1: (Not really pro- a lot of people know already!) {But in case you didn’t..] If you collect 5 of the black pots that have a little recycle symbol on them, you can bring them back into your Lush store and get a free face mask! I mean recycling and a free mask, what could be better?

Although a lot of Lush products still come in plastic- they are constantly bringing out new products which are “naked” and without any packaging at all. Also, after talking to a lovely lady at the Vienna Lush store about the topic of plastic, I have learned that all of the plastic tubs and bottles are recycled and being resued for more products! Which I believe is a great initiative from Lush.

~Pro tip 2: After finishing any products in plastic bottles or tubs, bring them back so Lush can reuse them! Don’t just throw them away.

Have you tried Lush products before? if so, what is your fav product? I would love to hear from you!

Until next time,
– CC xx

+ I purchased everything myself & these are my own opinions! what might/might not work for me may work or not for you.



11 thoughts on “Lush haul & Review

  1. Very informative and helpful if wanting more of an insight into what lush has to offer us!

    They definitely have many great products on offer!


  2. Great writing 🙂 I love your blog and all your travels.
    These products look so delicious , do you know if they have face masks????
    I love a good clay mask but pretty much like any really, I find them so relaxing

    Hoo roo



    1. Hi Louise!
      Thank you so much for the support 🙂
      Lush has some really fantastic face masks! They have completely fresh ones that nave zero perservatives and will only last a short amount of time- Which I think its great because there is nothing nasty in them! Check them out 🙂 xx


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