Closet Clearout

Hey hey!

So today I wanted to talk a little about my current Autumn/Winter wardrobe situation ~ for a long time my family would call me a bit of a hoarder when it came to not only clothes but the number of little items I had around my room. Although I had a lot of “Stuff” I was a person that struggled to find anything to actually wear (Still can be! But I am working on it). After taking a good hard look at every clothing item I owned, I noticed:

1. I was holding onto items that either didn’t fit/I had not worn in years (yes years!)
2. There were clothing items that I wore 5 years ago- but my style and taste has changed (therefore I never wear these items)
3. I was holding onto ‘sentimental’ pieces, which is silly
4. I had a lot of mass-produced/ bad quality/ scratchy feeling clothes instead of quality pieces designed to last
5. I have favorite clothing items that I reach for every day


I took everything out of my closet and this is something I REALLY recommend you do – because it gives you a chance to see the full extent of what you own. I proceeded to one by one, go through every item of clothing and put it in the I love/keep pile or donate pile.
~ Now, I am not exaggerating when I say that I had bags and bags of clothing to donate to charity. After all, I was hoarding clothes for quite a few years. (Really bad, I know) But I really wanted to give a more minimal wardrobe a try- and finally take the time to discover my style.

Anyway, it’s been a few months since the cleanse (haha), I’ve had time to summarise my thoughts and notice what I reach for daily. I now know what I like to wear and what clothing makes me feel my best/what style I like- and not just following what other people wear and trends.
For Autumn & Winter, I lovee monochrome, grey, stripes, clean lines, and nude colours! These make me feel my best and most comfortable. Bright colours just aren’t my thang in the colder months/ever haha- except for sports clothes and pajamas.


By eliminating, you are able to see what you have and what your wardrobe lacks. For me, my wardrobe still lacks a good quality jumper or two and a good pair of jeans for the colder Austrian months, which are coming up. A few months ago I would have just gone to a regular fast fashion store and probably picked up a few cheap jumpers that would only last a year, but now, I really want to make careful/thought out decisions about where and on what I spend my money- so that I end this cycle.

Now, this is not easy because I am a student and living on a student budget – but in reality, you will end up spending less in the long run- because you do not need to replace as often and will have clothing that will last years. Also! Shopping second hand is another great option because it is not only good for the environment, but you can find some really unique pieces and for a good price.


I’m just not really into shoes- as weird as that sounds! It’s the last thing I worry about.  My Converse shoes are pretty worn out because I wear them daily, all year round and these boots, I have had for three years now and they have seen better days but they have lasted me well and are a staple in my wardrobe.

Not shown- is two boxes filled with summer clothes that I will bring out again in about six months. Also not shown are my Winter jackets which I have had for years and will not be replaced anytime soon. (Again, black, a camel coloured one and a denim jacket) ~ there is a theme going on after all. Also not shown are some layering basics and comfy clothes I have as well.


I Recently added a pair of organic trousers from the brand ‘People Tree’ and these were a seriously thought out purchase. They are a basic black, super comfortable but can be dressed up and they can also be paired with most of the clothing I already own – all year round. These are now a staple in my wardrobe! This brand is also eco-friendly & sustainable and worth checking out – more about sustainable brands coming in another blog post.


Summed up: my closet is a lot smaller now – has only pieces that I truly love and want to wear daily and I don’t have the daily struggle of “what to wear” that I used to have.

My current wishlist of items that my Autumn/Winter wardrobe still lacks:
Seeing as I have thin jumpers, one or two neutral coloured jumpers made from sustainable/warmer/better fibers would be ideal for the European Winter.
A good quality scarf (Maybe beige or grey), a pair of sustainable high waisted skinny black/blue jeans to replace my Topshop jeans! *~ This is just a wishlist, not something I am about to go out and buy tomorrow. *Cough student life cough* but really, I am trying to get out of the “fast fashion mindset”, think about what I already own and research before I buy, but also make smarter choices so that I can have clothes that last will last me awhile. ** Again, I am a student so I can’t afford to go out and buy willy-nilly either.

After all, less is more guys! I think it is easy to get caught up with the constant flood of sales and new clothes that we don’t stop and really think about it all. We end up with a wardrobe filled with things we don’t actually wear and the cycle continues.

Keep and buy only what you love, find your own style, donate old clothes to charity, try second hand and support sustainable brands where you can/when you can afford to.

Peace out,

– CC xx






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