Autumn in Vienna

Hey hey,
Can you believe that twenty eighteen is almost over? It feels like the year just flew by and now Halloween just came and went and Christmas is on its way.

Don’t get me wrong, I lovee Christmas but can time please slow down? Okay thank you.

Autumn is my absolute favourite time of the year! I love the ‘Not too cold, but not too hot’ weather that comes with it, the beautiful warm toned leaves and cozy nights in. Hot baths and hot coffee.  Yes, please. This year we have been having an amazing Autumn in Vienna and I am not complaining about it. It’s absolutely crazy that people aren’t rugged up and shivering from the cold yet! *touch wood* Considering how cold it was this time last year.
See, coming from Australia where the Winters are mild compared to here, I am just not cut out for an Austrian winter- It is for sure beautiful to look at, but not to touch haha.


Vienna is just beautiful in Autumn! there are so places around the city where you can see all the pretty leaves and I am loving it!  My favourite place to see Autumn working its magic is at the Schönbrunn Palace.


The palace gardens are just stunning and really worth taking the time to wander around! There are tourists all year round, but its a lot less in the colder months, which is when I prefer to visit. The crisp air, all the gorgeous warm colours and crunchy leaves everywhere! Vienna comes alive in Autumn and how can it not be my favourite time of year when it’s this beautiful?! This is just one place but there are many more locations around Vienna that showcase the Autumn season.

What’s your favourite season? I would love to know!

And now that the Autumn season is coming to an end, I am looking forward to getting my apartment ready for Christmas! Does anyone else go a bit crazy with decorations?

Until next time,
– CC. xx

4 thoughts on “Autumn in Vienna

  1. Thus is by far my favourite 😘
    The pictures are incredible, you are so talented🙏
    And your writing is amazing… keep it up👍


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